I love you Lululemon Yoga Clothes, for giving me what mother nature did not. I said a prayer thanking God for Lululemon Outlet!  Their reversible pants fit me like a glove....the designer made them only for me.

Lululemon Yoga Wunder Under Pant Orange

Thank you Luluemon Outlet for making me feel beautiful even if I'm smelly and sweaty.The clothes are definitely comfortable, the sweaters really comfy and warm.  I am so head-over-heels with my adjustable smart-shelf-bra's flawlessly flattering fit, and soft touch on my skin, that I totally forget the Lululemon Yoga Pants feeling for a day.  I entered Lululemon Wunder Under Pants with a basic knowledge of the store, its product line and a hankering to return to hatha yoga. If you look through their stock and figure that you can find similar items elsewhere easily Lululemon may not be a Godsend for you. Let me first say I take back whatever I said about lululemon.

My husband and I both love lululemon clothing and gear.  We do a lot of yoga, and there's just nothing out there to match the quality and performance of Lululemon Wunder Under Pants roducts.  The staff at this store have always been helpful, professional, and friendly.  AY for the new lululemon Outlet Canada store http://www.mykhawk.com/ .I drove to lululemon, from Alameda, to try on a specific sports bra (the TataTamer).

Lululemon Yoga Wunder Under Pant Purple

This was my first experience with lululemon, and I won't be coming back.I had purchased a lulu bra online, only to have the stitching unravel after a couple of wears .I'm hoping they'll offer the Fall line soon - other than that, Berkeley finally has Lululemon.Their incredible fabric wicks sweat away, dries off in little time after dance class or rehearsal, Lululemon Wunder Under Pants is easy to wash and dry, ready to wear the next day. Those pants made the ass on this now broke-ass look so round and juicy.